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Emitted and absorbed
obvious and mysterious,
These glimpses
create more questions.

Surface afterglows,
in evening air
gloomy place
colours removed.
City lights glow
sky masking
three thousand
hesitant pinpricks,
Cosmic energy
clusters and scatters
Universe wide.

Particles float on
turbulent atmosphere,
Light is bent,
Stars twinkle.

W Grieve 2014

This poem came from a search at first on light, then sunrises and finally stars.
WALT: To write a poem that communicates creatively my thoughts.
Success Criteria:
  1. The words we pick fit together
  2. The ideas work together line by line
  3. To use punctuation to enhance the meaning and help the reader.
  4. I have added my own thoughts to put in my voice.
  5. To credit the sources that I used.


  1. I like your light poem it is very in inspiring.


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