Summer Senses

Sweat trickles, sticky shirt Hot air sears nostrils, Shimmering fried yellow hills in distance, Cicadas, a thousand chirps pressing in, Relief, cool ice-water laughs down my throat.

Form I followed here: Line 1: Touch - Feel Line 2: Smell Line 3: See Line 4: Hear Line 5: Taste
Success Criteria:
Have followed the form but shown an ability to vary with intention as needed.Place in the poem strong thoughts about the topicCreating not just a random set of lines but using craft.I have correctly punctuated with complex sentences with comma/s.I have improved vocabulary by utilising a thesaurus.I can use and credit Creative Commons images.Images Credit: 5 Senses from Wikipedia, Summer adapted from Pixabay

Triangle or Pyramid Poetry

Using the Extreme Poetry Resource, exemplar and the extension activity.. here is a poem you could create.

WALT: To create a poem that captures a personal experience or topic in a summary form.

To write strongly and communicate.To use Thesaurus and Research to extend vocabulary choices and make sure every word is “precious”To collaborate with a partner to produce a shared experience by creating poems that impact readers.To understand and use alliteration and forms of grammar.

Memory Fragments

Remembered instants
heartbeats of significance,
recognition and recall
memories shared,
thoughts painted in our relationship
capturing the moments:
we laughed together,
paused together,
dreamed together,
looked at life together
through time's eye.

These memories
make us
fully human,
alive to the best and worst
of who we are.

Even as we remember
do the memories change?
Elusive wisps of clouds
morphing into different colours
and shapes,
changing our thoughts
feelings of treasured minutes
or painful pasts.

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 To create a poem that captures what memories mean to people so your readers feel your emotion and thinking.

Success Criteria: 

The words we pick fit together The ideas work together line by line To use punctuation to enhance the meaning and help the reader. I have added my ow…

Falevas Lost

Faleva houses
dappled paint skin
buried in bush pockets
friends for twenty years
leaning drunkenly,
shoulders rubbing,
rubbish skipping happily past,
sheltering the disenfranchised
home for the poor,
erratic power
toxic water.

Trapped in the corner
surrounded by politics
and rich people power decisions.

The bulldozer chuckles forward
teeth glinting
Scars rusty
flexing bully muscles,
Carving swathes of pain
through the falvela,
Crushing hopes
nightmares breaking bones.

Either take our money and run
or pay the price,
of our batons
riot police advancing,
Pay the price of our
Olympic dreams.


In grit
of life,
There are
moments unwatched
by others,
small heroisms unseen,
thoughtful touches,
an honest thought,
a definite decision
to truth-give.

Courage's genesis
a straightforward heart,
Strength of, "No"
Power of, "Yes"
No guilt,
just assurance,
Not other's images
just yourself,
Your public face
mirroring private skin,
character beauty unfading.

In calamity
integrity tested,
In fear
integrity trialled.

Not slaves to ordinary,
stand tall - integrity.

White Supreme

To communicate a thought in a few carefully chosen words.

Success Criteria:
Build pictures in your reader’s mindCommunicate emotionsCut the small words Click below for my haiku!