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To Kill a Child

This is a collaborative writing piece produced by all boys in 8G.

Is child slavery good for our world? Child slavery is where a company or individual gets a child to work or labour, many hours a day, for very little money or none at all.   Some people say child slavery is good because it helps a country or company produce cheap goods so they can capture market and make more profit. Others say child slavery should be outlawed because of the mental and physical harm it causes. In my opinion, child slavery should be illegal.

Child slavery kills! Child labourers die every minute around our world from accidents, physical abuse or suicide. According to the ILO (International Labour Organisation) each year 22,000 children die in hazardous conditions.1 This is evil!

It’s hard for child labourers to live a happy life. 115 million children live in punishing conditions. It is difficult for a child in this situation to have a good education because families don’t have enough money and they are wor…