Storm Tents

Scattered red, grey nylon tents,
cheerful on grass patch clearing,
surrounded by shadowy native bush,
thin five millimetre pegs
gingerly gripping stony soil.

BBQ burger eaten,
Sleeping bag ready,
Pillow ready,
Snooze ready,
And the grey sky
begins its torment.

Bare foot through puddles to outdoor sink
Teeth now toothpaste fresh ready,
Paddle back to tent,
mud flecks appearing on toes.

Carefully creep into tent,
trying to avoid dragging
rain water inside,
but drops gather
holding hands
on doorway floor entrance,
laughing at my attempt.

Cocooned in sleeping bag,
only pummelling rain can be heard,
the "haven't had rain like this
in ten years" deluge.

I smile,
snuggle deeper
mind embracing the storm,
I will survive
wind ripping at tent,
rain, ground water searching
seeking to drip inside.
Sleep envelops my thoughts,
the storm backgrounds
to dreams of mountain biking
through brown water puddles!

To communicate an experience, with descriptive language, so that others can feel they are there.
Success Criteria: 
Others can feel they are there, remember times like this themselves.
Short simple thoughts, one per line
Unnecessary and small words cut out.


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