Three young mouths
Meagre hope
Threadbare cupboards
Shanty corrugated cage
Husband taken
Choleras meal.

Whispered words
Propaganda hope suggested,
Cash given
Teenager traded,
Bitten by the trafficker
Real life zombie
Taken to sea.
Sweat fisherman blood.

4 hours sleep
20 hours work
4 hours sleep
20 hours work
4 hours sleep…
Fingers to bone.

No escape
No words
No life.

Fear trap,
Miles of ocean,
Netted life,
Broken arm
if you speak out.

Modern slavery
Forty-five million
cries in the wind,
cries in the Dirt,
cries in the Smoke
cries on the ocean,
Tears in the heart!

WALT: to give voice to the voiceless.


  • Use strong: new vocabulary, word images
  • Protest against an injustice in our world
  • Cut words not needed
  • Be creative in getting my point across


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