Alive in the Storm

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It starts
with a whisper
a rustle of leaves
breathed on by wind,
Scudding clouds arrive
gusts slam
branches protest,
bending pain to grey black clouds.
Tree fingers are broken
falling pain to sodden grass.
Rain knives slash
from overloaded buckets
driving deep into my clothes.
I stand
waiting for a bus,
Cold, excited
loving the whipped movements,
the power,
the storm.

Learning how to write free form poetry to capture in words an experience.

  • One idea per line
  • Strong vocabulary
  • Cut small words
  • Use commas to set the rhythm of the poem
  • Credit pictures


  1. Great poetry suggestion. Peter Corlett Rm 6 Waikanae School

  2. Hi! Can you let Dylan P know I had a look at his blog but couldn't see anything posted .... and that I am looking forward to seeing some of his ideas and work. Thanks. Peter Corlett - Rm6 Waikanae School

  3. It's really good. Especially when it said " With a whisper
    a rustle of leaves
    breathed on by wind
    Scudding clouds arrive ''
    And I don't think you need to improve.

    From Tom


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