Contrasts in Time

Black cat god arches,
flicks her tail,
art hieroglyphics revere
felines across a thousand walls,
centuries years old now.
-----sand hourglass time trickle-----
My black cat stretches
Lazy in heated sun
A God of just one family
Scratching the door to
be let out, to be fed.

The mighty Nile
Seasonal Floods
Rich blessings for
------generations pass------
Dairy, cropping, forests, farms
Stretch patchwork across Canterbury Plains
Waimakariri scatters its braids
sprawling to the ocean.

Yellow Sand, clay walls
seared in scorching sun,
Neighbours crowded
water carried
dry the bones
----- existences come and go-----
Christchurch city wood and brick dwellings
stretched over flat plains, 
meandering Avon
Artesian crystal clear water piped 
toilets, drinking, cooking
Just turn the tap.

Crowned Pharaoh
supreme God of
Pyramid, Sand and Nile
Words that command life, death
------ time moves by----------

Commands wealth
Captains of industry
multinational trendles
cut money from Canterbury.
In power
a party, a prime minister
and media bombardment of public relations 

To contrast in powerful poetry two people in time so that readers get a feel for two different points of view.

Success Criteria:
Improving writing through:

  • Showing understanding of Ancient Egyptians and us today.
  • Focus on adjectives
  • Picking three to four cards from our Brain T.V. prompts and using these to improve writing.

See marked Rubric here.


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