Couch Potatoe

Picture remixed from Can you see my eys?
Excuse my squashed writing
For I am writing this poem
From inside a couch,
Just yesterday, I fell asleep in the sun
Streaming hot through the window
And I slipped through the cushion gap
To join the lost coins, gathered dust
and dried food crumbs.
I hear the outside world
muffled by leather and foam
I'm interior, you're exterior
I hope you can read this note I slipped out.
For I'm squish writing this poem
From inside a couch.

Success Criteria
We read, "It's Dark in Here" a poem by Shel Silverstein to inspire us in our "point of view" poetry.... The boys followed this model closely and then with larger variations as they produced two pieces to reflect how writers have a point of view. The montages were produced with creative commons images using layering, masking and montage techniques with Pages on their macBooks.
  • To write in a poetry style that has been given.
  • To treat each word as important, constantly improve words and cut superfluous words. 
  • Use high level word vocabulary that comes from our chosen topic.
  • To proofread to a higher level on our Proofreading rubric.
  • To design a montage to match your poem using layering, masking and alpha tools.
  • To present within your blog.


  1. Awesome Poem! It is great that you used another idea to help you with your learning!

    It was a very cool poem! :)


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